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Paige W. Stransky

Associate Sales / Interior Design


With nearly ten years of experience of learning and living in the design field, Paige Stransky has created a foundation of understanding for liturgical design. From her hands-on experience with the renovation and restoration of local churches to her lifelong walk in faith, she has learned how to envision the environment of liturgical worship as it is needed to ensure its future.

Starting her career in Virginia she received her bachelors from Virginia Commonwealth University. Paige lived in Italy for three years working in Vicenza and Carrara, Italy as a design coordinator for O’Brien and Keane Architectural Firm. Once back in the United States, Paige worked with the Diocese of Richmond in assisting with meeting parish priests and building committees to help create a design plan for a newly renovated parish.

Paige’s mission is to blend liturgical harmony with parish harmony to allow the parish and its message to thrive into the next century.


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