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Majestic. Made of Botoccino marble and Breccia Caprais marble and smalti and gold mosaics inside the dome. The baldecchino has has 4 legs,

Each front leg has 3 marble columns - 2 of the columns are round, 1 is square

-Length of round column- 19’ 8”

-Width of round Column- 1’ 5”

-Length of rectangular column 19‘ 8”

-Width of rectangular column- 1’ 7”

-All columns are made of two different types of marble: base and capitals: botoccino. Columns: Breccia Caprais At the top part of the baldecchino, there are 4 elaborated carved stone arches with a floral pattern with an oval shied at the center with the IHS symbol at the center.

The baldecchino is topped with a beautifully carved stone cross in Romanesque style, On the front side, there are two marble vessels. Each of the 4 columns is resting on a two tone marble base: 4’ 4” width on each side by 3”6” height

Mosaic Description: Smalti light blue with small scattered silver and gold stars emanating from the center, at the edge of the mosaic there is a geometrical pattern in gold tones and blues.  Dimensions: 12’1” by 11’ 2“

Baldecchino - Ciborium Magnum

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